A new media artist, creating in fields of video ,projection mapping, sound, virtual reality and plastic arts involving food.
Born in Kazakhstan, lived in different cities and has been living in Jerusalem for the past 10 years.

Finished studies in the New media art department in an experimental art school in Jerusalem called Musrara.
A part of an artist community in Jerusalem ,a collective called "Hamiffal" - a temporary art and cultural center, located in an abandoned 19th century building.

Over the years, i tend to adopt forms from my living environment and translate them into an internal visual language.
The interest in the process of creation comes from various sources, 
human behavior and its motives intrigue me.
It may be that I will instinctively try to capture beauty from an aesthetic perspective, And other times i could wish to create out of the struggles and processes that occur within me


October 2017- Food Painting at ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ exhibition at “Hamiffal” Jerusalem.

December 2017- Food Painting solo event and performance at Museum ‘On The Seam’, Jerusalem.

March 2018- Food Painting performance at “Hamiffal”- closed event.

March 2018- Pecha Kucha TLV- Food painting Performance as the opening act at the “Pecha Kucha” event ,Tel Aviv, in front of an audience of 8000 people.

July 2018- ‘Land of Mazze’ Installation- collaboration with artist Deborah Fischer and Food painting performance at the “Jewish culture festival” at Krakow, Poland, ‘Sambation’ project.

July 2018- Virtual Reality city and projection mapping Installation at the Final Project exhibition at Musrara, Jerusalem.

August 2018- ‘Spider City’ Installation and Virtual Reality project, “Deceived Reality” exhibition at Hansen House, Jerusalem.

August -October 2018- Video art and projection installation at “Contour” group exhibition at Beita Gallery, Jerusalem.

September 2018- ‘City Spider’ VR work, at the “Haifa 2525 VR exhibition” at the Haifa International Film Festival 2018.

November 2018- Food painting performance , collaboration with the culinary artist Marie Chermorin, “Forum Design Paris” . Paris, France